Features & Benefits

  • Mid-Length Gas System
    – Results in lower recoil and better accuracy providing higher 2nd shot hit probability
  • Official Smith & Wesson/Magpul® Co-Branded, Forged Lower Design
    – Similar Characteristics to the Original Billet Design
    – Flared Magwell for Improved Magazine Insertion
    – Forward Serrated Edge of Magwell for Increased Weapon Control
    – Integrated Trigger Guard Design for improved ergonomics and use with a gloved finger without having to manipulate the trigger guard out of the way prior to usage
    – Finger shelf for increased ergonomic indexing of trigger finger, located on both sides for right and left handed shooting
    – Sharp design lines adding to the aesthetics of the lower receiver
  • The Art of Tactical Carbine Volume I & II DVDs from Magpul Dynamics
    – Live fire class instruction
    – Basic fundamentals to dynamic stress situations
    – Shows real students and advanced shooters from industry, Law Enforcement and Military
  • Patent-Pending, Smith & Wesson Enhanced Flash Hider
    – Reduces flash signature significantly
    – Directs gases and sound forward and away from the shooters
    – Eliminates secondary flash/streak
  • Chromed-Lined Bolt Carrier and Gas Key
  • Magpul® MVG (Vertical Grip)
  • Magpul® MOE Grip
  • Magpul® MOE Buttstock
  • Magpul® MOE Handguard
  • 30 Round PMAG® Magazine
  • Folding Magpul® Rear Sight MBUS
  • M4 – A2 Post Front Sight

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