We are a highly restricted distributor of Smith & Wesson products. We now sell to all 50 states!
Please make sure you meet our restrictions. Restricted Firearms Definition: As a law enforcement/military distributor for Smith & Wesson, our company is dedicated to providing quality Smith & Wesson firearms at below your local firearms dealer's prices to a restricted group of service professions. We sell these restricted items to law enforcement officers, active and retired military personnel, national guard and military reserve personnel, professional and volunteer firemen, EMT and ambulance service personnel, security officers, civil air patrol, federal agents, prosecutors, judges, correctional officers, probation officers, parole officers, homeland security, TSA, and other first responders and qualified personnel. If you do not fall in one of these professions, but think you may qualify give us a call. If not, we are sorry, but can not sell this group of firearms to you. Please see our unrestricted firearms page for firearms that are available without the credentials requirement.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to support the agencies and individual personnel of the police/first responder and military communities with quality products. We focus on our core business, which has at the center Smith & Wesson firearms and accessories. We are your only in-state Law Enforcement Distributor of their products, period. We firmly believe in this ever changing world, that arming the good guys will keep the peace.